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I’ve said this once before and I’ll say it again: People will always find reasons to hate 2PM. So let’s not waste our time dealing with adults acting like kids. Hottest don’t fight “children”, always remember that. But I just want to say that for 6 years of following 2PM, my boys never relied on anyone who is popular outside JYPE in order for them to “survive” a comeback. Especially not on girls they date. But of course, the KPOP world never runs out of immature deluded fans – and unfortunately, our fandom always gets to be intruded by thousands of them. Khun’s personal relationship/s was/were never a hot topic amongst Hottest. That goes the same with the other 2PM members –whether they admit to be dating or not. None of the Hottest I know want to sit down and talk about it, because guess what? WE JUST DON’T GIVE A DAMN. We survived shitloads of issues without asking any fandom to back us up. We survived a series of comebacks, been able to support 2PM in so many different ways, without the need to be using other people’s name or fame. We don’t need a Britney or even a Tiffany to survive any of our shizz. But then again, you may think whatever you want, whatever helps you sleep better at night.

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